Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FurReal Friends Pets with Style Groom 'n Style, Cute but too many tiny pieces. in my opinion

A several days before. I search for information on the FurReal Friends Pets with Style Groom 'n Style Princess Pup Pet, so i have to tell.

my daughter loves this toy. I don't like all the little gems that came with. I would like it to be permentaly in corona. they ended up getting lost.

FurReal Friends Pets with Style Groom

Win best in show when you groom your Princess Pup pet to perfection! This soft puppy figure's hair is soft and ready for styling, and she comes with a brush and 2 barrettes so you can make her look spiffy. You can give her one of 2 hairstyles, and then it's time to dress her up in her dress. Give her a pupicure with the nail decals! Then you can use the wand to color her dress .... Read more or Check Price


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